Amoda Tea’s January Tasting box: Chiran Sencha

Sunday, January 20th, 2013
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Welcome back! In today’s episode we will be exploring a Canadian company called Amoda Tea. Based in beautiful British Columbia, this Vancouver business is amazing! In today’s episode I’ll review Chiran Sencha by O5 Teas! I’m glad you have tuned into episode 68 of Erin’s tea, please tell your friends about Erin’s Tea so I can work hard to bring you many more episodes!


Amoda tea offers something called, monthly tasting boxes. They select three new blends each month and ship it out to you for $15/month. This differs from other tea of the month clubs because it’s not just their own blends they send out, they also include other company’s blends. Their packaging is 100% recyclable (but still cute) and they include a little pamphlet as to why they’ve selected each tea/company. January’s 3rd tea is Chiran Sencha by O5 teas. If you are worried about most traditional green teas being too bitter, you HAVE to try this one.


Chiran Sencha:  Japanese Green tea

  • On the bag there are three types of brewing instructions (I haven’t tried the second way but it’s my favourite because it involves wine…)
  • Use one teaspoon for 25o  ml of water, have your water at 70 degrees (158), and you can do this by boiling your water and letting it rest for 10 minutes with the top off the kettle if you do not have a thermometer.
  • First steeping should be for one minute, second-third steeping, should be at the same temperature, but steep for 45 seconds.
  • Do NOT use boiling water on green tea. It will burn the leaves. Do NOT oversteep.  This is what causes green tea to have that “bitter” taste to it.
  • It smells like vegital green tea (my friend describes it as grass clippings) but it is not nearly as strong when you taste it.

Health Benefits: Green tea is known for it’s powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body, it kills carcinogens in your body (you know the bad stuff that can cause cancer) but keep in mind to get the most out of your green tea, you should be drinking at least 5 cups minimum per day!

My Ruling? It’s awesome! It’s really light and refreshing.  I was really expecting a vegital taste to it, but it’s super light and almost has a sweet after taste. When the weather gets warm again, i’m going to try the second way of steeping (cold steeping) can’t wait!

Remember if you LOVE these blends, after you try them, you can always order more from

Until next time, “That’s Tea To Me.”

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