Camomile Tea and Weight Loss

camomile tea and weight loss

People have been writing in and asking if camomile tea for weight loss actually works. I can tell you from experience that using camomile tea to help you lose weight definitely works. That said, you need to be realistic and realize that you can’t order pizza every night, drink some wine and Champaign, not hit the gym, and simply add some camomile tea to your weight loss program and expect the pounds to melt off.

Weight Loss and Tea

There are many teas that can help support a great diet and exercise program, but none seem to work as well as camomile (or Chamomile) tea does. Camomile tea contains antispasmodic properties that help with your gastrointestinal health. So if there is anything going on funny with your stomach, just adding some camomile tea can really help you clean things up in there. Another reason you might be gaining weight is you’re not sleeping well, or suffer from insomnia. It’s amazing what lack of sleep can do! Camomile tea helps relieve insomnia because it has a calming smell that will make you less tense, and calm you down. I have even made a five step plan for you to follow if you want to lose weight with camomile tea as a helper.

Lastly camomile tea can help you lose weight because camomile tea prevents hyperglycemia, or high blood-glucose levels. Taking camomile tea daily can help you regulate out spikes when you are drinking too much pop, or eating way too much junk food. Because camomile tea can stabilize blood-glucose levels, your appetite will be controlled which should in turn help you lose weight.

Final Thoughts on Camomile Tea

I’m not a doctor my any stretch of the imagination, but I can tell you that when I drink camomile tea, my stomach feels better, I am much more calm, and I tend to be less hungry throughout the day. If you do your research, you will find that many universities have done incredible amounts of research of various teas, and camomile tea always tends to come on top when the issue of weight loss comes up. Can camomile tea help you lose weight? Absolutely. If you are eating junk food all day and not working out, will camomile tea make you lose weight on its own? Absolutely not.


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