DavidsTea 24 Days of Tea: Coffee Cake

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
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We are back! Today marks the tenth day of 24 days of tea for 2013! We continue with one of DAVIDsTEA’s black teas coffee cake. I’m glad you have tuned into episode 78 of Erin’s tea, please tell your friends about Erin’s Tea so I can work hard to bring you many more episodes!


  • It’s black tea.
  • It also includes: Black tea, cherries, pineapple, natural and artificial cake flavoring*.
    Contains sulfites.
  • It smells like cake, sugary, maple cake.
  • Product of China.
  • It has 5 calories per serving/cup.
  • It’s has a medium amount of caffeine.
  • Steeping time is 4-5 minutes in boiling water.
  • If you are considering sweetening your tea, consider Stevia instead of Agave. Read why here.

The bottom line?

It smells great, but tastes too much like table syrup or maple syrup for me. Would be a great pairing with pancakes in the morning!

Until next time,  That’s Tea To Me.

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