The Best of Erin’s Tea

Best of Erin's Tea

Maybe you just joined us at Erin’s Tea, or maybe you’ve missed a few of our videos or articles. Here is some of the most popular content from Erin’s Tea.

Tea 101 – Where to Begin Your Tea Journey

So you want to get into tea, and don’t know where to start? During this video, I give you some great tips to get started with your tea journey. Things like how to steep your tea, why you shouldn’t use a tea ball, and much more. This is the best place to get started with tea.

General Temperature Guidelines For Tea

When I first got started with tea, I had no idea that water temperature and steeping times where so important to make a great cup of tea. In this article I try and cut it back to the most simplest form possible. This is a great place to start learning about tea water temperatures.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going Tea Shopping

So now that you have the basics down, time to go tea shopping! Find out 5 things that you can’t forget when you go buy some tea. This quick video will make you look like an expert when you step into your favourite tea store.

My Tea Collection

I wanted to show everyone my tea collection, and try and inspire other people to want to share their tea collections. This worked out pretty well as people all over the world started sharing their tea collections on our Facebook page.

Tea During Pregnancy

Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy? How much can you drink? Should it be avoided all together, or should you make it part of your daily routine to support good health in your developing baby?

So there you have it folks, five of the best articles and videos on Erin’s Tea to get you going with your tea journey. I am passionate about tea and all of its positive benefits on your health, your mood, and how fun it can be to build up your very own tea collection. I hope this blog helps you discover the incredible joy I get from tea. That’s Tea to Me!


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