The Best Teacups You Need To Have

the best teacups

Hopefully by now you have realized that tea just doesn’t taste the same without a teacup. Try drinking your favorite tea from a coffee mug, and then try it in a teacup and you will instantly be able to tell the difference in experience, flavour, and taste. There are actually a ton of fluid dynamics going on, especially the longer you leave your tea, so a conical china tea cup will always taste better than a coffee mug.

So what are the most unique, fun, and best tasting teacups you should buy? Here are some of our favorites.

Magisso White Teacup

best tea cups magissoKnown for extreme imagination when creating products, the Magisso Teacup streamlines brewing and drinking hot tea into one task. Looking to make life simpler, inventor Laura Bougdanos created a tilting teacup. Simply put loose tea in the strainer, fill with water up to the tea leaves, let it steep and then tilt the cup the opposite direction. Voilà, a perfectly brewed single serving of tea. Recognized at the 2011 Reddot design awards, this ingenious little cup will change the way you drink tea. Buy it now

Sagaform Stoneware Retro Tea Cup

best tea cups sagaformSagaform is all about joyful and innovative gifts for the kitchen and beautifully dressed table, both indoors and out. Retro stoneware tea cup with saucer. Wishing you a very warm warm welcome to the wonderful world of Sagaform. Buy it now

Royal Albert Teacup Set of 5, 1950-1990

best tea cups royal albert
This 10-piece teacup and saucer set includes the patterns from 1950 to 1990. Crafted of bone china with lustrous 22-karat gold trim, the five pairs all share the same shape for a highly coordinated look at the table while showcasing the special beauty of each design. For instance, set the soft, blue-hued 1950 Festival next to the bolder oranges of 1970 Poppy for an unexpected combination that delights the senses. Each piece has a commemorative backstamp, and the set comes packaged in a presentation-style pink and burgundy hatbox with illustrations of all the patterns. The china is dishwasher-safe and carries a two-year warranty. Buy it now

Hidden Fox Teacup

best tea cups hidden fox
Hold a tea party that is full of surprises. What a delight, as you drink up, an animal will appear in your cup. This Hidden Animal Teacup reveals a sly, little fox hiding in the bottom of your cup! The cup will hold 16-ounce of your favorite beverage. Buy it now

Celtic Claddagh Stacking Teapot with Teacup

best tea cups teacup teapot combination
This is one of those beautiful teacups that you need to add to your collection. Imagine serving tea in this beautiful set. It serves one, but it is a combination teacup and teapot. Perfect for the special tea party you are having when you really want to impress someone. Buy it now

Blue Willow Chinese Teacup

best tea cups blue willow chinese teacup
The Blue Willow tells the charming old Chinese legend of an angry father pursuing his eloping daughter, only to see the maiden and her lover transformed into birds who fly away together. This beautiful Chinese tea cup has the classic Blue Willow design. The Blue Willow design depicts the charming and legendary old Chinese Blue Willow Story. The Blue Willow design is stencil etched on by hand then fired, creating a beautiful and long lasting finish. Buy it now

Hidden Bear Teacup

best tea cups hidden bear
Hold a tea party that is full of surprises. What a delight, as you drink up, an animal will appear in your cup. This Hidden Animal Teacup reveals a sly, little fox hiding in the bottom of your cup! The cup will hold 16-ounce of your favorite beverage. Buy it now

Black Cast Iron Teacup

best tea cups black cast iron
This high quality black cast iron teacup is perfect for enjoying tea. It can also serve as a great companion for any cast iron teapots (tetsubin). This classical Japanese style teacup is made from sturdy iron and has enamel coating on the interior to prevent rusting. Japanese cast ironware heats evenly and retains heat well and is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality. Buy it now

Dragonfly Teacup with Strainer

best tea dragonfly teacup strainer
Enjoy an amazing cup of tea from this beautiful teacup with a strainer. The cup features a beautiful dragonfly, and is really stunning when you first set eyes on it. I’m a big fan of dragonfly’s so this one is definitely one of my favorites. Buy it now

Tea for Two Panda

best teacup panda
This Ceramic Tea For Two Teacup Set is pretty fun! It features a cute little panda bear at the top of the set so it really stands out. They also make one with cat on the top for all you cat lovers out there. If you are going to share tea with someone, this is a really cute set you should have kicking around. Buy it now

Hidden Owl Teacup

best tea cup hidden owl
Drink up! This white porcelain teacup reveals a little owl in the bottom of the cup when empty. Buy it now

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  • Tim Spicer

    ¬†This is my “manly” teacup!

  • PrinceGeorge

    I just had a truly delightful cup of earl grey!! It was steeped to perfection, and the Queen was absolutely titillated by the warm flavours and aroma!! The fine china with 12k gold rims only added to her arousal!!

  • Hannah @ LuLin

    I’m pretty in love with the tilting cup :)